The history of Phyllis Wheatley Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), Inc., (CFC# 31203 and DCOne 9207) is a long and exciting one.  It is the story of African-American women with a vision to start a YWCA for “Colored” women and girls in the early years of the twentieth century when such a deed was impractical and required great courage.

On the corner of Ninth and Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest, stands a four-story building of eclectic architecture and gracious looks. Within the walls lies a tremendous story that spans nearly one hundred years. The building was dedicated on December 19, 1920, and we are one of the first “Colored” YWCA in the United States of America. In 1923, the name Phyllis Wheatley was chosen and the organization was incorporated as the Phyllis Wheatley Young Women’s Christian Association, Inc.

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